Play hot spot & win up to $450.00 daily!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's hot spot?
A. Is a game from the California lottery!

Q. What's a community play?
A. Is a group of numbers, that helps you increase your chance to win!

Q. Can I play this game from anywhere?
A. Yes!

Q. How would I know if I do win and how would I get paid?
A. You will receive an email with your draw number and date, then you can log into the lottery website, to see if you have won! Your winnings will be deposited in your PayPal account!

Q. What day is the draw and what time?
A. Every 4 minutes, 7 days a week, 300 draws per day!

Q. Why are there 21 players in a community play?
A. Because there are 21 combinations 1 for each player!

Q. Can I select more than 1 community play?
A. Yes

Q. Is there charge for this service?
A. No, our goal is to prove it to you, and others that we can help you win, our goal is to subscribe one million players to start a group to play, power ball, and mega millions

Q. How many numbers are drawn by the lottery?
A. 20!

Q. Why play in this group? Why not in other group?
A. Because there is $40.000 to $50.000 to win every day!!!! (in 300 draws!)